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BIOGRO TECHNOLOGIES INC. offers a diverse range of exclusive serum-free media at affordable prices. 


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A serum-free and animal protein-free medium that is completely chemically defined A very low protein concentration of (<120ng/ml) reduces costly product purification steps.

The medium does not contain any components of animal origin Suitable for both bench and large-scale systems 



Biogro CHO and Biogro CHO-PF

-A serum free formulation developed for the CHO cell line

-Available in a low protein (<20mg/liter) or Protein-free (PF) formula

-Biogro-CHO is suitable for a wide variety of clones

-Weaning of the cells from serum-supplemented media is not usually required

-Biogro-CHO supports rapid growth to high densities

-Outperforms competitors serum-free formulations


Biogro-Hybridoma and Hybridoma PF

A chemically-defined and serum-free formulation suitable for the growth of antibody-secreting hybridomas Developed for both stationary and stirred-tank bioreactors The cells can be adapted directly from growth in serum-based cultures Available in a low protein (20 mg/liter) or Protein-free (PF) formula.

The growth characteristics and Mab production in Biogro-Hybridoma have been shown to be superior to serum-supplemented media and other commercially available serum-free media formulations.

Monoclonal antibody production in Biogro-Hybridoma is extremely high: 100-150 mg/L in batch culture Biogro-Hybridoma is able to sustain cell viability for long periods of time which translates into increased antibody yields



-A serum free and low protein formulation (<90ng/ml)

-Designed for both research and production applications

-The medium does not contain and components of animal origin

-Achieves equivalent growth rates to standard serum-supplemented media

-Weaning of the cells from serum is not required. The full growth potential of the cells can be reached during the first passage into Biogro-MDCK medium



-A serum free, animal protein-free medium that has been developed for superior growth

-Developed as a production medium, adaptation from serum-supplemented media

-Biogro-MRC-5 is designed for microcarrier cultures in production systems

-Applicable for bench (100-1000ml), pilot, and production scale systems

-Adaptation from serum-based media is not necessary using Biogro-MRC-5


Biogro - Vero

-A serum-free and animal protein-free medium that is completely chemically defined

-A very low protein concentration of <90ng/ml reduces the costly product purification steps

-The medium does not contain any components of animal origin

-Adaptation to Biogro-Vero serum-free medium does not require weaning from serum-based media

-Chemically defined media confers many advantages including:

--No batch to batch variation
--Consistent growth results

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