Publications using Biogro media:


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Papers on virus production from Biogro-Vero/MDCK/MRC-5/BHK SFM

Liu C-C, Lee S-C, Butler M, Wu S-C. (2008) High genetic stability of dengue virus propagated in MRC-5 cells as compared to the virus propagated in vero cells. PLoS ONE 3(3): e1810. PDF file

Chia-Chyi Liu, Wei-Cheng Lian, Michael Butler, Suh-Chin Wu. (2007). High immunogenic enterovirus 71 strain and Its production using serum-free microcarrier Vero cell culture. Vaccine. 25(1):19-24. PDF file

Wu S-C, Liu, C-C, Butler, M. and Lian, W-C. A comparison of virus propagation, inactivation, and immunogenicity of three enterovirus-71 strains produced in serum-free microcarrier Vero cell culture. Cell Culture Engineering X Conference, Whistler, Canada 2006. PDF file

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Christie, A. and Butler, M. 1999. The adaptation of BHK cells to a non-ammoniagenic glutamate-based culture medium. Biotech & Bioeng 64 (3): 298-309. PDF file


Papers using Biogro-CHO serum-free medium

Sunley, K., Tharmalingam,T. and Butler,M. (2008) CHO cells adapted to hypothermic growth produce high yields of recombinant beta-interferon. Biotech Progress 24(4): 898-906. PDF file

Tharmalingam, T.Sunley, K. and Butler,M. (2008) High yields of monomeric recombinant beta-interferon from macroporous microcarrier cultures under hypothermic conditions. Biotech Progress 24(4): 832-838. PDF file

Tharmalingam, T,. Ghebeh, H,. Wuerz, T and Butler,M. (2008) Pluronic enhances the robustness and reduces the cell attachment of mammalian cells. Molecular Biotechnology 39(2), 167-77. PDF file

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Restelli, V, Wang, M-D, Huzel, N, Ethier, M, Perreault, H and Butler, M. (2006). The effect of dissolved oxygen on the production and the glycosylation profile of recombinant human erythropoietin produced from CHO cells. Biotech Bioeng 94 (3): 481-494. PDF file

Rodriguez, J., Spearman, M., Huzel, N. and Butler, M. (2005) Enhanced production of monomeric interferon-ß by CHO cells through the control of culture conditions. Biotechnology Progress 21(1) 22-30. PDF file

Spearman, M., Rodriguez, J., Huzel, N. and Butler, M. (2004) Production and glycosylation of recombinant beta-interferon in suspension and Cytopore microcarrier cultures of CHO cells. Biotechnology Progress 21(1) 31-39. PDF file

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Yang,M. and Butler,M. 2000. Effects of ammonia on CHO cell growth, erythropoietin production and glycosylation. Biotech. Bioeng. 68: 370-380. PDF file

Yang,M. and Butler,M. 2000. Enhanced erythropoietin heterogeneity in a CHO culture is caused by proteolytic degradation and can be eliminated by a high glutamine level. Cytotechnology 34: 83-99. PDF file


Papers using Biogro-hybridoma media

Barnabé, N., Butler, M. and Hasinoff,B.B. 2001 “The effect of the catalytic topoisomerase II inhibitor dexrazane (ICRF-187) on CC9C10 hybridoma viability and productivity” Cytotechnology 37: 107-117. PDF file

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Kunkel, J.P., Jan, D.C.H., Butler,M. and Jamieson, J.C. 2000. Comparisons of the glycosylation of a monoclonal antibody produced under nominally-identical cell culture conditions in two different bioreactors. Biotechnol. Progress 16 (3), 462-470.PDF file

Butler M., Kunkel J, Jan D., Huzel N. and Jamieson J. (2000) The glycosylation of immunoglobulin (IgG) in bioreactors. Biotecnologia Aplicada , 17(3): 191. PDF file

Broadhurst, E.R. and Butler, M. 2000. The inhibitory effect of glutamate on the growth of a murine hybridoma is caused by competitive inhibition of the x-C transport system required for cystine utilization. Cytotechnology 32: 45-61. PDF file

Butler, M., Huzel, N., Barnabé, N., Gray, T. and Bajno, L. 1999. Linoleic acid improves the robustness of cells in agitated cultures. Cytotechnology 30 (1-3): 27-36. PDF file

Kunkel, J.P., Jan, D.C.H., Jamieson, J.C. and Butler, M. 1998. Dissolved oxygen concentration in serum-free continuous culture affects N-linked glycosylation of a monoclonal antibody. J. Biotechnol. 62 (1); 55-71. PDF file

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